Raking in £33K worth sales with an average of 11x ROAS in 45 days

 Girl in mind is a women’s essential online store that already has a good reputation to start with. Using Funnel strategy audience I generated over £33K with an average of 11x ROAS.

The Ultimate goal

To increase sales with good returns

Numbers Game

*30 days * 13,341 Clicks  * £33,985 Sales *ROAS 11.08

What i Did

Funnel Campaigns

In stage 1, I started with a total set of 19 ad campaigns based on various criteria to reach new people. Then I was retargeting with offer & product ads in the next 2 stages.

Backend Retargeting

I created personalized ads to people who already purchased via conversion & cross selling via dynamic ads. To encourage users, I have given 10% OFF & added free shipping on retargeting ads